About Us

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The Company

ChorMedia was founded in March 2015 by film producer Neil Chordia. The company's mission is to bring quality commercial projects to a global audience and be a production company suited to tell the next generation of stories. We work across a range of mediums including feature films, long-form series, short-form and AR/VR content.

The company is driven by stories. With the way audiences consume media changing, one thing remains constant: the story. Whether it is told in short-form, feature film or a HETV drama series, the story is the heart of any project. ChorMedia looks to find the best platform for each project, both creatively and commercially.

Diversity, both in front of and behind the camera is important to us and we welcome filmmakers from under-represented groups. We are especially keen to work with and champion new British-Asian talent. 

We are very open to collaborations with other producers and production companies, especially those from newer mediums such as immersive realities.