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Deadfolk to be produced by ChorMedia

ChorMedia will produce the feature film of Deadfolk, based on the novel by Charlie Williams. Deadfolk is the first in the series of books that follow the exploits of pub doorman Royston Blake, in the backwater town of Mangel.

As dodgy English towns go, Mangel doesn't look like much, but it's everything to Royston Blake. In Mangel, Blake is head doorman at Hoppers Wine Bar & Bistro, drives a Ford Capri 2.8i, and generally has no trouble getting laid. On any given day, he can walk the streets of his town knowing he's respected by one and all. That is until a rumour begins to circulate that Blake's “lost his bottle” and everything goes to hell. Even his best mates Fin and Legsy have heard the talk that the formerly hard-living bruiser has gone soft, lost his edge, and become a pushover in a town where he can ill afford it. To make matters worse, local hard men, the Munton brothers are after him and the thought of ending up in the back of their notorious “Meat Wagon” is almost too much to bear. Something's gotta give, but it sure as hell won't be Blake! What ensues is an outrageously bloody showdown that will leave a permanent scar on the grubby face of Blake's beloved West Country town.

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