• Neil Chordia

Lab Rat to shoot in April

Neil Chordia has come on board to produce the sci-fi short film "Lab Rat". The film is to be directed by Nour Wazzi (Baby Mine) from a script by Matt Brothers. Amanda Brennan (Dawn of the Deaf) will produce for The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama who are funding the project.

In a near-feature world where humans are being replaced by robots,"Lab Rat" is a story rooted in the commodification of love.

What if love could be built, packaged...and sold?

Playing as a twist on the Turing Test, this is a claustrophobic thriller where no one can be sure of who is human and who is not - causing everyone to question what it really means to be human.

The film will shoot in Kent at the end of April and will star Kirsty Sturgess, Abeo Jackson, Matt Harris, Sian Hill and Max Williams.

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