• Neil Chordia

New project: The Incomparables

ChorMedia continues to add to its TV and Streaming slate by adding the swashbuckling adventure series "The Incomparables". Written and created by Vanessa Yardley, "The Incomparables" is a rollicking ride through Georgian London, following the exploits of two sisters on a quest for vengeance, uniting a group of diverse women to bring down a Duke's evil empire.

Our story follows two sisters, Daphne and Kitty, of mixed race descent but with Daphne presenting as black and Kitty passing for white, they have learned to fight, hide and weaponise racism to survive… and exact their revenge. After a frenetic, action-packed opening on a stagecoach robbery, the sisters are brought to London and meet Lady Theodosia (a society darling and recent widow), Roxana Mitra (an Indian-Irish librarian and inventor), Selina St. Cyr (an actress and former mistress of Lady Theodosia's husband) and Nya Kamara (a teacher and London's only black female journalist). Each has a reason for revenge and it's not long before the group come together to take on their collective foe. From the glittering ballrooms of high-society to the slums of London, the ladies will stop at nothing to fulfil their quest. They are smart, they are scandalous, they are tenacious. They are… The Incomparables!

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