Feature Films

Speak Its Name

A young mother living within a remote island community struggles with her child's seizures. Stirred by dark superstitions into paranoia and malice, the villagers believe her son has been taken by malevolent fairies and replaced with a changeling. Determined to save her only child, she must find a way to release him or face terrible consequences.

Writer: Aurora Fearnley
Director: Aurora Fearnley

Artwork by Ian Francis
A Letter From a Ponygirl

Anna is a young English woman growing up in the ex-Pat community of Kenya in the late 1960's. Often bored by her life and driven by a sociopathic nature, she enjoys being controlled physically and emotionally by her French tutor, Madam Lafette. In return, Anna tries to repeat her ordeals on the staff and family around her, most notably her house helper, Ashonti, a naïve and unassuming Kenyan girl.

Writer: tbc
Director: tbc
Based on the play by Harry Denford
The Club
When West Park golf club hosts a Pro-Am tournament, club captain Mike Peters and his wife Naomi have visions of Tiger Woods and Colin Montgomerie flying in. However the three “Legends” that do arrive are not the sort of people the club was hoping to attract at all.

Writer: Peter Bowker
Director: Marion Pilowsky
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After the death of a teenage boy via a drugs overdose, disgraced police detective Amardeep Kang is compelled to return to his hometown. However his investigation leads him down dark corners of his own criminal past leaving more questions to be answered...

Created by: Amit Dhut
Writers: Amit Dhut and Jaz Deol
The Lioness of Brittany

Drama mini-series based on the true story of Jeanne De Clisson, a French noblewoman who became the most feared pirate of her era, after King Philip VI executed her husband for treason.

Writer: tbc

A group of notorious bandits terrorise India's Chambal Valley as the local law enforcement try to infiltrate the gang and bring them to justice.
The Call

Drama series based on the Cthulhu mythos of H.P. Lovecraft.
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Short Films

Lab Rat

In a near future, a group of scientists trapped in a room learn that one of them is an A.I.... and is has been deceiving them. They cannot escape until they figure out who it is.

Director: Nour Wazzi
Writers: Matt Brothers, Nour Wazzi
Produced with The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama
The Change

A woman on the verge of menopause investigates the truth about ‘The Change’, never imagining she would uncover a global conspiracy involving scientific experiments, colonic irrigations and aliens!

Writer: Janet Wells
Director: Janet Wells
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